Nerd. The one word to best describe myself. I strive to learn new things every day to grow as a person. Whether that be technology, science, medicine, engineering, or even gaming.

I'm a coffee addicted, sleep deprived, and competitive person. The goal behind this website is to continue learning and share as much as I can down the paths of all things programming and design.

While software engineering is the main focus of this blog, I'll also share glimpses of my passion for cooking, cycling, and pc gaming.

I rely on logic and common sense to guide me. Through these principles I'm able to solve problems effectively, which is why I love what I do. There's something incredible about being presented with a challenge and fighting to overcome it. I guess its sort of a superhero complex.

I'm efficient at working on my own, setting goals and accomplishing them, but I also do well when part of a team. I've learned that some problems require multiple perspectives to conquer, and that everyone brings different skills to the table. Pair programming and peer review helps us grow as developers and I encourage people to give feedback wherever possible.

Thanks for checkout out my site, and I look forward to connecting with you at some point in the future!

Jeremy Winterberg

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