Hackintosh, a blessing or nightmare?

I’m one of those engineers that prefers using vim and terminal dev environment. Which for me means using either a linux distro or macOS. Since I’m also someone who has grown accustomed to my macbook pro, and the apps that go along with it, I really wanted to stay within that ecosystem.

I happen to also have a VERY nice gaming desktop. i7 5930K, Asus Sabertooth X99, SLI GTX 980’s, 32GB Ram, a custom hard-line watercooling loop that took a painstakingly long time to get how I wanted.. basically I have a shit-ton of money invested in this rig for content creation and gaming.

I desperately wanted to use this for work, but dreaded the thought of using linux because it limits me in many ways that make me seem nitpicky. Enter Hackintosh.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, Hackintosh refers to the act of taking macOS and putting it on custom hardware, much like my own. However, it’s extremely difficult to get working on the X99 Chipset. But eventually I did get it functioning.

This past week has been both fantastic and horribly frustrating. With a system this nice everything likes to NOT work with macOS High Sierra. I’ve been told it would probably be better to use Sierra, the previous version, however I would prefer sticking with the latest.

However, I’m happy to deal with these issues because my productivity has been through the roof. There’s nothing quite like a fast desktop, mechanical keyboard, and a triple monitor setup. You should try it sometime ;)

Cheers, J

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