LFW Spam

I feel like a crafter on a video game like World of Warcraft right now, spamming my services to trade chat hoping desperately someone will whisper me to make something for them.

“LFW lvl 800 Leatherworking & Alchemy, all tier 3 recipes!”

See, you could just make stuff and put it up on the auction house, but then there’s a chance it doesn’t sell, and you have to shell out gold for mats up front. If you find a buyer before making the goods, they do a few things for you.
1: Sometimes they give you materials to make the item, or at the very least they pay for them. 2: They are essentially paying for your level ups so you don’t have to.
That second one, is the main reason you put yourself through the seemingly degrading process of self promotion.

How does this relate to the job market of the real world? In every way imaginable. I’m sitting here spamming my Looking For Work message to companies who just might hire me, giving me projects to work on, all the while paying me to learn how to be a better engineer. Sure I could create my own software, or even consult as a freelancer, but there isn’t any job security in that, especially when just graduating college.

“LFW Software Engineer, B.S. Computer Science: Hire me pl0x!”

While this is more acceptable in the real world compared to the process in games, it still feels eerily similar.

Professional Resume Spammer

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