Time Moves Slower With Impending Doom

Or at least it sure as hell feels like it is to me!

I’ve been tirelessly filling out job applications and sending proposals for freelance gigs left and right for what seems like an eternity. But in reality, it’s only been two weeks.

See, I have this semi-figurative axe looming over my neck with a strike timer set for January, 2018. I graduate in December, and according to my employer’s policy, I’m only allowed to continue working there for one “term” after graduating. Guess what term comes after fall? Winterim. A freaking one month term that screws me over. If I took a 1 credit class over winter, I could work the entire Spring semester.

Why am I worried about this? I run out of money somewhere between the middle and end of January. Please understand that correctly, I don’t mean that I’m just losing my current job, I will have depleted my checking account because what I currently earn isn’t enough to sustain paying my bills the way I am right now. GREAT.

I’ve always been responsible with my credit cards and bills. I have one real credit card, I keep a low balance on it at all times, and pay it in full every single month. I use this for food, gas, and any smaller purchases. Then I got sucked into the world of promotional interest free financing through the Amazon Store Card, Apple’s deal with Barclay Card, and Paypal Credit. Similarly, I’ve been very responsible, making sure to pay enough every month to pay off these promotions in time to avoid the interest charges.

However, if I don’t have a job, all that responsible credit use stops.

What has me concerned lately is that I haven’t gotten a single (positive) response from the 30 or so job applications I’ve filled out so far. I’ve received a couple declines, and two questions to clarify some things, but no positive communications that would lead me to believe a company is seriously considering employing me.

It feels like I’ve been waiting 6 months for a response.. but it’s only been 2 weeks. I just need to relax and calm the fuck down.

In other news

My freelancing career is officially starting now. At the moment, I’m using a website called UpWork to find clients. If you need any Web App development done, feel free to hit me up either directly via email, or on UpWork.

But in all seriousness, the stress has me considering going all in on the freelance work. But, for that to happen I need to prove it’s viable with steady stream of income that would match, or beat, what I would get as a Software Engineer. Time to hustle.

Also, considering finally doing the vlog. Gary Vaynerchuk has me wanting to document everything, especially because a lot is about to change in my life, and that’s interesting. If nothing else, I’d like to look back on the footage to see what I was thinking about when these events took place. Vlogging isn’t weird, it’s totally normal, even my dad used to vlog in the 80’s/90’s! They were just called Home Videos back then and distribution options were shit. You had to lug around a vhs to your extended family’s house and pray the tape didn’t get rekt when you rewound it.

Be Kind, Please Rewind


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