What am I up to?

Class is back in session, and its the first semester in a long time that I didn’t have to go to classes! I’ve graduated and have taken the past month to relax and reflect on my time as a student. There were many aspects of my education that I will forever value greatly, and many more that I couldn’t care less if I forgot about.

In my downtime I’ve also continued to freelance as a software engineer. I likely will continue to take on more clients until I find a full time job that matches well with my skill sets and what I am looking for in a company.

I’ve been speaking with a few companies, but nothing has progressed into an offer yet. I’m not in a rush to find a job, so no worries there. A few follow up emails will be going out next week however!

I have been working on a personal project using OpenCV in my spare time. I don’t want to go into too much detail about it just yet, as its still in the I’m learning how to use OpenCV stage. But essentially it will be analysing a video game and providing the player with helpful tools. It’s written in Python, so I’m learning more advanced topics about that language as I go. I’ve done a tiny bit of scrypting in python prior to this, so the basic syntax was already in my wheelhouse.

I’m still around, and will be posting on here more frequently soon. As I work on more projects I’ll be commenting on different technologies and tools I find along the way. Hopefully some of you find it interesting eventually!


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