Why Can't I Sleep?

The last week or so I’ve had the roughest time catching some Z’s. I just want to be like my good pal eeyore and take a nap.

But in all fairness, I have a lot on my mind. When I can’t stop thinking about something, it bothers me endlessly till I figure it out.

This happens with projects at school, my work, or life decisions.

The current culprit is my decision to relocate to Seattle, WA. One thing after another, something comes up and tacks onto my todo list of things to figure out before I can move.

First, I need a job. But to get a job I have to apply for one, and before I can do that I need my resume updated. So I update my resume, well now I have to write a cover letter, and of course have every professional person I know look them over.. and now there’s N number of things I should change if “I were them.” etc..

Each bullet list of things to do adds on 20 other things to get that one thing done. And it’s driving me mad quite frankly.

Hopefully it will end soon so my sanity can return and a well rested Jeremy can resume life.

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