Sign me up for SAA - Stationery Addicts Anonymous

Ever since I first started learning how to write as a kid, I've been addicted to stationery. For those who think I'm talking about staying still, stationery is the correct way to spell the term used to describe writing materials such as paper/pens/pencils. I can thank both my late grandmother on my father's side, and my late grandfather on my mother's side for this addiction.

My grandmother,...
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Working Remotely Boosts Performance by 10X!

Ok, 10X jokes set aside, it really does boost my performance! There's an unwritten rule in society that forces you to communicate with people around you, or you will be looked at as an anti-social introvert who will never make it anywhere in life.

An example work day in the office for me looks something like the following:
1. Arrive to work, chit chat for around 15 minutes with the boss bef...
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Time Moves Slower With Impending Doom

Or at least it sure as hell feels like it is to me!

I've been tirelessly filling out job applications and sending proposals for freelance gigs left and right for what seems like an eternity. But in reality, it's only been two weeks.

See, I have this semi-figurative axe looming over my neck with a strike timer set for January, 2018. I graduate in December, and according to my employer's po...
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Why I Hate Short Term Hustle

There is a trend going around atm surrounding the word "hustle". It's everywhere in the entrepreneurial space and in the post Casey Neistat, vlogger scene. The idea which surrounds this form of hustle is about pushing hard and putting every ounce of energy you have into the success of your venture.

I think this idea is total bullshit. Guess what happens to each and every person who follo...
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JavaScript is Often Underrated

I've been a web app dev for the past 2.5 years or so. Throughout that time, I can sum up my javascript experience as being limited to only what was needed to implement a specific feature or fix a bug in legacy applications. That needs to change now. Looking around at what frameworks and best practices web apps are following, they all are encompassed by javascript.

Angular, React, Vue are the...
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